This is The NauticEd Transformational Instructor Course. The course is designed to ensure that our team of frontline instructors and assessors are exceptional. That they have the right balance of leadership, management, and followship skills to effect the desired end state of the student – competence.

Estimated time: 40 hours.


Welcome to the NauticEd Transformational Instructor Course. We’re so happy you are interested in investing in your professional development.

You’re about to embark on a journey like you’ve never had before. This is not only going to affect your professional life, but you’ll gain insights into your personal life and your life with your friends and family and everyone that surrounds you.

The team at NauticEd is incredibly proud that you’re thinking about becoming part of the team. And here, we’re going to show you what it really means to be part of an awesome team, a team — where we all have the tools — where we all have a common language — and where we all have the same common goal.

Join Navy Seal Instructor Trainer Commander Larry Yatch and Navy Top Gun Instructor Trainer Lt. Col. Edward O’Connor as they lead you on an amazing growth journey you never would have expected.

All NauticEd Instructors that have taken this course are awarded the Transformational Instructor badge shown here on their profile. Look for the badge when searching for an instructor to suit your needs.

Upon completion of this course, your public instructor profile will reflect that you have invested in yourself by completing the course and are indeed committed to being a professional Nautical Instructor.