About Us

We love to get to know you. Here is a bit about us…

Mandurah Yacht Academy

Based in Mandurah, Mandurah Yacht Academy provides sail training from crew to captain. Learn to sail with expert trainers and assessors. With the NauticEd backbone, all theory is done online which means that on-the-water time can be fully focussed on on-the-water activities. 

We operate under the NauticEd banner

Manduray Yacht Academy operates under the world-renowned NauticEd banner and is the only sailing school to do so in Western Australia. 

With worldwide recognition and recognition by the US Coast Guard, you know you are in safe hands…


NauticEd’s mission is to teach and educate sailors to a level of competence. Sailing competence necessitates a thorough mix of expertise, abilities, and capability. Once accomplished, competence means a sailor will keep their crew safe, have more joy and fulfillment, and be enabled to sail further than the horizon and individual limitations.

NauticEd assists students by combining the latest technology, educational methods, and practical instruction into an internationally recognized curriculum.

Our skilled and certified sailing schools are located around the globe, offering coaching and training to a supportive sailing community to assist students in accomplishing their individual objectives.