Theory + Skills = Competency

Putting it all together

Most of our Advanced bundled NauticEd courses have both a theory as well as a practical component. This practical component can simply be sailing days you clocked up and recorded in your free logbook/resume or you can receive professional training from one of our qualified instructors. In either case, this can be followed by an assessment of your skills. 

When participating in on-the-water training, our instructors will take you through a thorough set of practical sailing skills. Successfully completing this component of your training will be reflected in your certificate of competency which strengthens and validates your certificate to a higher level.

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On-the-water training

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Students who do a practical on-the-water verification of their competence by a qualified instructor, gain a Practical Verification stamp on their certificate and sailing resume. A professional instructor has physically taken you out on the water and deemed you to be competent to the associated Rank. This will validate your certificate to the standard required by many countries and by most chartering companies.

On-the-water days

NauticEd offers a wide variety of courses from beginners to advanced. This is represented by rank ranges from Qualified Crew to Offshore Captain.

Each rank represents specific theoretical knowledge (a certificate) as well as “on-the-water” time (from 10 days to 200+ days) and practical training and assessment.

Below is a brief summary of your progression through the ranks, your required “sea-days” and assessment

Since all of NauticEd’s advanced online courses and testing are completed prior to your on-the-water lessons, you can focus solely on your practical training. This allows your instructor to dedicate their time to your practical training and experience— instead of wasting on-the-water time in classroom lectures or proctored testing. Practical skill training is what instructors do best, the true value of on-the-water time.

certificate - resume - licence

What is the Difference Between a Certificate, a Resume, and a License?

  • A NauticEd certification is like a school certificate – it proves you studied, passed a test, and therefore accumulated some sailing knowledge.
  • A resume emphasizes competency and is a collection of your sailing accomplishments and experience. It is more valuable than a certificate as it shows both your theory knowledge as well as your practical skills and experience.
  • A license is a legal document allowing you to conduct a specific activity. For example, the SLC International Sailing License.

So What is Really Required for Sailing?

No matter where you are in the world, if you want to prove your current sailing competency, you must have a sailing resume. Every yacht charter/rental company asks you for a sailing resume. If you present a certificate or a license, they will still ask for a resume. Why? Because certificates and licenses do not prove competency. However, a sailing resume represents:

  • sailing theory knowledge through your certificates,
  • potential legal requirements such as an SLC International Sailing License 
  • total sailing experience detailing:
    • your positions of crew or master on various vessels,
    • night and day sailing experience,
    • weather conditions,
  • the recent history of experience, and
  • results of on-the-water assessments.

Therefore, looking at a sailing resume, it is easy to determine the current competence of a sailor. Charter companies will ask for your resume!

Free resume

All MYA sailing students have access to their own personal logbook. Use your logbook to enter your practical experience. It is your own personal sailing resume that you can use to verify your experience…

TrackLink NauticEd 4+ GPS Track Log for SailorsAutomate your entries with TrackLink. It automates your logbook entire process. It even carries over the weather and wind conditions you sail in…

Over time, our system will keep track of all your coursework,  your time-on-water as well as your assessments and update your resume in real time. No other sailing training organisation does this for its students and it is 100% free…

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