Bundle and save Big$$$

Although we provide individual courses to suit all needs, here is your opportunity to bundle and save.

Most courses are complimentary so climb the ranks, and gain confidence and experience…


Learn to sail and contribute as a crew member on a keelboat from 24 ft to 55 ft (7.5m to 17m). Learn the lines, knots, sailing terminology, sail trim, helming, and rules of the road plus much more. 

Topics covered in this Qualified Crew Member Course are: Weather and Sea Conditions Electrical Systems Auxiliary Power Rigging Standing and Running Rules of the Road Slip Departure and Return Sailing Communications & Navigation Anchoring and Mooring Coping with Emergencies. 

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Learn the essentials to confidently and competently sail a small keelboat up to 25 ft (7.5m).

When you complete this course, you’ll be able to apply all your newly gained theory knowledge to real practical situations on the water. If you are training with an instructor, you’ll spend more time doing practical skills training rather than wasting valuable on the water time doing theory stuff. Get started now!

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A must for day sailors of larger keelboats 24 ft to 56 ft (8m to 17m) looking to gain or strengthen core competencies.

When you complete these two courses and log a minimum of 10 days of past history sailing experience in our FREE online sailing logbook, you’ll be awarded the Skipper Rank Level I Sailing Certification. And by investing in these two sailing classes together, you’ll save big$$$ off the A La Carte Price.

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Bareboat Charter Master Sailing Certification which is accepted by major charter companies worldwide and the SLC international (and Mediterranean) sailing license accepted by government and port authorities worldwide.

If you already have some sailing experience, then this is the best value starter bundle and you’ll save big$ off the A La Carte prices AND get the interactive animated Electronic Navigation course for FREE. 

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Our most comprehensive package for serious blue water sailing worldwide know how.

If you ever plan to venture off shore by more than 20 miles, you should invest in the NauticEd Captain Rank and bundle of sailing courses now. Why? Because you’ll save $$$s and when you’re doing serious sailing, you need to be armed with all the information in all the enclosed sailing lessons. Anything less and you’re pushing it. Included in this series in the Electronic Navigation course for FREE.

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